Best of Christmas 2014 list

Here we go, with the Countdown to Christmas fast arriving - we have compiled our Best of Christmas 2014 list to share with you.  I know, I've ded a couple of older posts, but they were simply too good to leave out, so I apologise in advance for that.  But I know you will appreciate seeing some quality and powerful ways to keep in touch with the best Christmas Hampers of 2014.

1- Christmas Hampers Lookbook 2014

Searching online for the best Christmas Hampers in 2014?  Here's our top fifteen gift baskets for Christmas featuring Xmas Hamper Blogs, Gift Baskets Businesses and Inspired Foodie Individuals who are sharing their best for 2014.

I've included Christmas Hamper images and some introductory Xmas Hampers text for you to share so you can see immediately why everyone is held in such high regard.  As a trusted authority offering genuine helpful advice and tips, it is of great value for you to make the most of these suggestions and follow through when you purchase Christmas Hampers online in 2014.

So, without further ado here's the Christmas Hampers Lookbook 2014 - hope you enjoy it and share it with your social media friends. especially pinterest and facebook and twitter.

Everyone loves a Christmas Hamper - and we trust you'll love one in New Zealand as well.

Thank YOU for sharing your comments and thought and making this blog such a success in 2014 - we are excited about it and will be bringing you more as the year progresses.  Keep up the good work and remember your Christmas Hampers.

2 - Best Christmas Hampers 2013

AFTER A HALF DOZEN Christmas Seasons as the creative designer behind Hunter Valley Hampers, Kacy has a special feeling for knowing what her buying public wants.
And when you consider her Hunter Valley Hampers has sold out completely in 2011 and 2012 on a budget of zero advertising, it's no wonder she must be doing something right.  Artisan Food, Craft Beer and handmade fresh regional produce is a winning formula.
Over coffee, we sat down and asked her secrets to making a delicious gourmet hamper and what makes Hunter Valley Hampers a trusted authority on gift baskets.

"No Pretzels," Kacy laughs, when I ask her the secret to gourmet gift baskets, "Once we stopped putting in bags of pretzels we noticed we got a different clientele."

3 - Christmas Hampers for Business Gifts

Making the right choice when it comes to choosing Gift Hampers for Christmas is simple when you consider exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Taking a few moments to consider exactly who you are giving your hampers to makes all the difference when your recipients actually receive their gift hamper.

Important things like personal preferences, tastes in wine and food, and keeping in mind any medical or allergy concerns all goes into making your Xmas gift basket valued.

As a gift hamper specialist with over ten years experience in managing online and phone orders in the crucial weeks before Christmas, our guest contributor in this article is well versed in the dos and donts of meeting your expectations from a sales perspective and is freely offering some handy hints and tips on what to look out for when you are dealing with a gift hamper supplier.

4 - Business Christmas Hampers 2014

The Hunter Valley Wine and Music Festival, a yearly celebration around the New South Wales Vineyards, is a fantastic boon for the region. Get Well Gifts also make up a large section of her customer base.

"People want to be able to send a hospital gift without having to rely on a florist sending an affiliate sale to some other florist they don't trust." Kacy says, "Our business model relies on repeat and referral customers, so being accountable and getting strong positive feedback from our previous customers is essential.".

Genuine Customer Reviews

She's also got another corporate client with gift boxes, and sends chocolate gift baskets across the state. Baby Gift Baskets are whilst and always popular she doesn't sell balloons or other trashy gift ideas, she knows there is a special space for her tasteful gourmet gifts.

"I really felt like there is an authentic sense of community and longing for regional gift baskets," she says about her 26 year old enterprise. "People are so proud of living in the Hunter Valley, and sharing the gourmet food as thank you gift ideas just seems right.".

Getting a fantastic impression at Christmas is definitely not about searching for affordable or cheap hampers - actually this is a recipe for disaster.  By choosing a bespoke hamper specialist - who handmakes every single hamper to order - you are headed in the right direction to make a powerful impact. 

Hunter Valley hampers have established a niche business building gourmet hampers for appreciative clients who understand that quality, unique and simply gorgeous gifts are not run of the mill.  Call 1300 284 684 today and make the right decision this Christmas.


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