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Christmas Hampers for 2014

With my wife, I've been making Christmas Hampers and Gourmet Gift Baskets for corporate clients for close to ten years.  It's been a journey we have certainly gone from periods of great excitement and success to other times when we were challenged and to see just ho committed we were.

Throughout it all, we have kept hope that we would prevail and that our handmade hampers - made to order by hand for every single client, we the best the industry has to offer.  And over the years we have been rewarded with a loyal following of clients and corporate buyers who now how much we put into out hampers and how well they present on delivery.

It's no coincidence that we have grown year on year - even during the testing times of the Global financial Crisis we grew and spread out our name amongst the Australian Gourmet Hamper buying public.  We like to think it is a combination of our dedication to making the hampers by hand to order - so we don't pre-pack or pre-build anything prior to getting your order. 

This means if you want a custom alteration or addition - it's no problem - we feel so lucky and blessed every single time just to feel the appreciation of getting your order.  For sure we still have plenty of work to do and actually fulfilling big corporate orders in a timely and efficient manner is something we all strive for - and I'm proud to say - we get it right so often we can confidently call ourselves gift basket professionals.

It's been a real ride to learn what makes a good hamper and what entices corporate clients like you to make the brave choice and step outside the biug commercial makers who struggle with mass produced an supermarket-available type products.  It's just not what we do.  We like to share local, handmade gourmet food, Hunter Valley boutique wines and the tastiest condiments.

You're invited to be a part of that, and share our unique vision of what makes the perfect Christmas hamper - something that has that smile factor - it makes people who receive the gourmet hamper smile and feel grateful and actually feel that connection that is the real spirit behind Christmas.

If you're in a hurry and want the lowest price hampers with just any ld inclusions and packed without thought or care - perhaps we're not for you.  Perhaps you might also pause a moment and think what it might feel like to get a mass produced hamper - with supermarket crackers and a raw six buck bottle of wine.  I know what I would think - sharing a hamper filled with low budget, supermarket stuff doesn't make me feel special or like any extra effort has gone into the thought behind the gift.

So take your time, grab a coffee and see why we like to call ourselves the biggest little hamper company in Australia.  And why people who receive a Hunter Valley Hamper are grateful, impressed and see each hamper as a symbol of abundance, generosity and thoughtfulness.  Merry Christmas and may you have a wonderful, meaningful time with your family and friends.

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